Asia Trail magazine is a trail running magazine that is dedicated to all outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy running, from beginners to advanced runners. It’s the first English trail running magazine that focuses on trail running activities in Asia.

Each issue of Asia Trail includes a wide range of topics such as insightful advice on training, injury prevention, nutrition and racing. It also provides news on the trail races in the region, a comprehensive Asia race calendar, in-depth interviews with trail runners, gear reviews and features on adventure travels.

The magazine was first launched in Hong Kong in November 2013. Currently, the print version is also available in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. The circulation is expected to reach 40,000 copies in 2015.

On Asia Trail website, we publish selected articles from Asia Trail print edition. We also offer a variety of web-only content, including weekly updates of race news, Elite Previews, videos of trail races, and an updated calendar of close to 300 trail races in Asia.

Asia Trail Team

Clem UT

Photo: Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail

Clement Dumont, Editor
After biking through the Simpson Desert in Australia with his brother, Clement looked for a new challenge and signed up for Marathon des Sables in 2000 as one of the youngest participants. Since then, he completed and used ultras as a way to step out of his comfort zone. Moved to Hong Kong six years ago, he organised his first trail event in 2011 and founded Asia Trail magazine in 2013 with his wife.
 1982338_10154015979965788_8152701679672068722_n Richard Cowley, Race News Editor
Richard moved to Hong Kong in 2009 having previously worked on 5 continents within the sports industry in numerous roles. Having completed races of various distances of 5km to 100km Richard competes regularly in a mixture of trail and road races.
Domink Dominik Sklarzyk, Copy Editor
Dominik is a freelance writer and copy editor currently living in Toronto — but, loving hot weather, he can’t wait to one day visit Hong Kong. Although 1km is the longest distance he remembers ever running, he finds the accomplishments he regularly reads about within Asia Trail’s copy so awe-inspiring that who’s to say that once in Hong Kong he won’t himself embark on a trail-running adventure.
Sabrina Dumont, Marketing Director
Puzzled by how ultra addicts can enjoy running for such long distances, Sabrina tried and finished her first 100km in Hong Kong and now regularly travels around the world to participate to trail races, the best way to explore a new country and its culture. Her best reward after finishing an ultra is a long shower and lots of chocolate.
  Regular Contributors
Andy_DuBois_Lowres Andy DuBois
Andy is an award-winning personal trainer and elite endurance athlete specialising in ultra running. You can find more useful info on his ultra running coach website (www.mile27.com.au).
Clint Cherepa
Clint is currently in Nicaragua engaged in volunteer work, writing, and ultra training. He plans on returning to the USA this summer to crew and pace his little sister in her first 50mi trail ultra.
Michelle Lau Profile picRZ Michelle Lau 

Michelle is a certified nutritionist (MSc.) and nutrition educator who specialises in sports nutrition and weight management. Her mission is to improve the health and well-being of people with different health/ nutritional needs and goals and ultimately lead them to a healthier and happier life!

Follow Michelle on instagram @nutriliciousss /contact her via nutriliciousss@gmail.com

Photo: Wong Ho Fai

John Ellis
John is a trail tragic and founder of Gone Running, which aims to improve Hong Kong trail running through new brands and community events – www.gonerunning.hk.
_Katia Kuchermarathon photo_Lowres Katia Kucher
Katia is owner of d.BeFit (www.dbefit.com), is a NASM certified personal trainer, a NASM Sports Nutrition Specialist, as well as is TRX certified.
Alexis Berg_Lowres Alexis BergPhotographer
Alexis is a photographer, journalist and video director. In 2015, he is travelling the world of trail running, going to different trail races around the world, including each stage of Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT). He recently published his first book Grand Trail.
13342352_10153703804055975_1431662965_n Sunny Lee, Photographer
Sunny born and bred in Hong Kong has always had a passion for photography and the outdoors. You can often see him running around the mountains in Hong Kong with his camera kit catching the best photos in the more extreme locations that other photographers don’t want to go.
<KirkWescom-Pic> Kirk Wescom, Illustration Artist
Kirk was running and drawing as early as middle school and ran at both high school and college on the cross country and track teams. After college, he worked as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator at two different game companies. Kirk specializes in character development and various cartoon styles.
AT-Graphic-Design-Profile (2) Anna Saraste, Graphic Designer
Anna is a Hong Kong-based freelance graphic designer. If she is not busy clicking away at her computer, then she will most likely be outdoors hiking up one of many nearby Hong Kong hiking trails.